Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things I'm re-learning...

Sometimes lessons I've known for seemingly my lifetime, turn around and look brand new. I find that it's no coincidence that the struggles that I've been dealing with over the last several weeks, happened to rear their ugly head around Easter. Fear, worry, depression, self depreciating attitudes.... How can any of those things stand in the light of the work that was done on Easter? Something that was brought out again on Easter was the simple fact that Jesus CONQUERED THE GRAVE. Duh, right? But, realizing the depth of what that means was new to me again. Jesus didn't remove death. He put it in it's place. In a place under His authority. Yes, we still have to deal with death, everyone does. But as a believer, and through the authority that comes with His blood - we are not conquered by death. And not only death. Any life-robbing thing - like fear, worry, depression.... They're not gone - but they are defeated. I still deal with them, but I need to remember to deal with them from a place of authority in Christ, from a place of hope. They are sneaky little buggers and I often 'forget' that I don't have to struggle under the load that they lay on my shoulders. But there is a certain freedom in knowing that I don't have to fight those fights - they've already been won on a level that I can not even fully comprehend. The only thing I have to do is accept the victory that is offered and continue to lay those 'losers' at the feet of the 'champion'.

Joys of teaching..

Conversation in the car....
Lily: I can spell 'the' - t.h.e.
Mom: very good.
Lily: I can spell 'he' - h.e.
Mom: very good Lil!
Lily: I can spell 'me' - y.o.u.
Mom: oh dear....*sigh*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We held a Jewish Seder meal here on Maundy (sp?) Thursday - what a great learning experience for our kids - and what an awesome reminder to us adults - so intense!

Easter day festivities were held at our house too! Church on Easter morning, then our family dinner.

Some things that make me smile....