Saturday, October 3, 2009

Health update

I am praising the Lord! I went back to see the dr again to follow up on the treatments prescribed; and we were all disappointed to find little improvement. So, he decided to prescribe an antibiotic on the chance that I could have "an a-typical bronchitis or walking pneumonia". Unfortunately, I apparently don't tolerate Zithromax very well, so I had a rough couple of days. But, after that I have noticed an amazing improvement in my breathing and coughing! So much so that I have stopped the nebulizer treatments all together - about which I am very pleased. The Zofran seems to be helping still and has backed off my 'all-day-sickness' to a constant nausea with very little throwing up. Because I thought the tylenol with codiene was upsetting my stomach even more, I've also cut that out almost entirely, and am just taking ES Tylenol for the rib pain. I've gained back about 2 pounds and am starting to see my tummy pooch out a little again. I've felt an amazing peace too about the safety and well being of our little one, which I really count as one of the more important answers to prayer. Thanks to all who have been holding up my family in prayer!