Saturday, May 31, 2008

Light at the end of my tunnel...

I've been a little....ok, a lot.... frustrated lately trying to accomplish things around the house. Basically because I have a very clingy infant/toddler. Even when I can begin a project (laundry, cleaning/organizing closets or cabinets, thinking about packing) during Eva's naptime, my progress comes to a screeching halt when she wakes up. So, especially since I'd like to start getting things in order to move - acting in faith - I've been thinking about getting some help. I had an epiphany today when I realized that I could ask Kate!! She has about a week of school left, but after that Jess said she's good to go. So, she's gonna come stay with us at least a couple days a week for a couple weeks to be a "Mommy's helper"! She's becoming so mature and responsible, and my girls basically idolize her - so it's a perfect solution; besides the fact that she'll be glad for some extra cash! After getting this worked out, I nearly cried from relief and excitement, just knowing that things can finally improve! Kate's always been my special girl, cause I spent so much time with Jess and her when she was little, and it's awesome to see her becoming such a wonderful young lady, and I am happy to have her as a role model for my little ladies too. Once again, I'm thanking the Lord for my awesome family.'s not broken!

We had to take Lil into the Immediate Care office this morning for xrays. Last night they were playing in their playhouse, and from what I can gather, she was being made to "walk the plank" by the pirate Joelle, and took a leap/ was pushed off of the deck of their playhouse - which is about 5 foot off the ground. She's been showing her daredevil side by leaping from this deck to the sand mound, for about 3 weeks now. But, I guess the extra "momentum" of Joelle's shove altered her landing and her foot twisted wrong. Lily is PARTICULARLY tough, so it's hard to read her if she's really hurt. She yelled at first, but settled quickly, but her foot started swelling and bruising almost instantly, and when she tried to walk on it, she fell down in obvious pain. After calling the dr, we decided to ice it and watch it overnight. This morning, it seemed better, but just when we'd pretty much decided we didn't need to take her to the dr, she lost her balance walking, putting pressure on the front of her foot, and I watched a wave of pain cross her face and her knee went out beneath her. That was enough to convince me that we needed to know for sure if there was a break. Miranda had recommended the Immediate Care office to us before, but hadn't had a need to visit it until today. I'm so glad we knew about it! We were in and out in an hour flat. The doctors, nurses and xray techs were fantastic. And after a couple xrays, they announced that it was not broken but a bad sprain indeed. Praise the Lord. So, it's RICE for 2-3 days, and then she can start walking on it again as she's able. I am particularly glad now that she's such a tiny peanut - if she was a hefty (almost) 5 year old, I wouldn't be able to lug her around to the bathroom and such! But, we're all very glad that she didn't have to have a cast as her birthday present! So, we need to come up with something fun for her to do tomorrow on her birthday that doesn't require being on her feet!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


As evidenced by my earlier, ranting post - I had a rough day. Obviously the house stuff has me overwhelmed and depressed. And, other than folding some laundry, I didn't get much accomplished today. But I did color my hair, and got my nails done tonight. (Joey had taken me to get acrylics done for Mother's Day, and I had them filled, and painted tonight.) I've been admiring my nails all evening, and I had the sudden realization why those 'surfacey' items were important to me today. I think that with the feeling of helplessness that is bearing down on me right now, I had a much stronger need to 'control' some tangible things. My hair, makeup and nails are things that reinforce my feelings of femininity and confidence, and right now that is one area I can realistically boost. So, now I'm gonna stop feeling bad about "primping" today; and thank the Lord for inspiring some incredible person to invent extra shine hair color, undereye concealer and nail polish!

I'm losing it....

We have been in this house process for over a year now. Working with the USDA for our loan has been one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I have strived through all of this to not be whiney, unappreciative, or impatient. I have not succeeded. I am truly reaching my breaking point. I am so exhausted from this emotional roller coaster ride, I can't get a grip. We are working with the most NOT helpful woman on the planet, and it's beginning to make me have violent thoughts.... My house is falling down around my ears, and we haven't made any attempts to fix things cause it seemed like a waste of money if we're moving soon - but now I have no idea where things stand. This post really has no point other than a place for me to poor husband can only take so much of my crying, cause I know he's frustrated and disappointed too. My children are now wishing on dandelion puffs, stars and birthday candles (besides praying) for a new house. I want answers!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our weekend away.

I almost forgot to add a post about where Joey took me on my surprise weekend get-away! We went to a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Myerstown, called Heidi's B & B. It was spectacular. The suite was amazing, we found awesome places to eat, had a wonderfully relaxing time (especially in the jacuzzi!) and did some shopping; but overall, just enjoyed each other immensely! Here's some pictures of the suite:

*** note - Joey didn't think to take any pictures until we were trying to get ready to leave! Thus, the unmade bed, and me primping in the bathroom! ***

Good news...

First of all, I'm thrilled to say that Anna is done second grade!! She finished her last PACE book yesterday, so we're finished for the summer. She has come so far this year, from reading haltingly last year, to being completely immersed in Nancy Drew books for hours a day! I'm so proud of her.
And the other good news is that we ordered our furniture today! We are still waiting on our approval from the USDA to go ahead with the house, but figured we could move in faith on the furniture, considering it was on sale this week only! It will take about 8 weeks to get the chair special ordered anyway, so hopefully the timeline will match up pretty well with the house! I'm thrilled to bits. This is what we got - 2 couches that look like this:

and a wide chair and ottoman that is this, but ordered in a vintagey, floral pattern.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Whisked away....

Joey surprised me last night with the news that he's taking me away this weekend. The location is still a secret, but we'll be leaving the kids at their respective babysitters (God bless them!) Saturday afternoon/evening and not picking them up again until Sunday evening! I could not be more excited! Not only do I absolutely love surprises, but I'm desperately in need of a little break. It's kinda gonna be an early anniversary celebration, since our actual anniversary will hopefully be amidst all the house-building flurry. It amazes me that I can be more in love with this man now, after 9 years of marriage, than I even was as that young bride. He is so thoughtful, gentle, encouraging and sweet. And sexy, can't forget sexy! I love him so much! I am so blessed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

So, it's not quite the actual day, but it's Mother's Day Weekend in full swing here at the greenhouse, so close enough...
So, of course, I want to say a little something about my mama; and mothers in general.
I have been blessed beyond measure by having a Godly mother. She is gentle, and kind, and I consider her one of my best friends.

Mama has the most beautiful hands; I've always thought so. I remember loving her hands even as a very small child, and recently I saw my own hands in a picture and got very excited when I realized they look very much like Mama's - (though mine are significantly larger!). I remember how cool they felt on my face when I was sick, how soft they felt holding my hand, how they always smelled like good Avon lotion, how sad it was when she broke a fingernail cause then she'd cut them all off so they were the same length. I remember Mama's hands making mashed potatoes, cutting out fabric, setting my hair on rollers. And now I love to see Mama's hands holding my own daughter's little fingers, or helping them with a mixing spoon. Of course, I remember those same hands wielding a big ole paddle as well - but I can now say that I'm grateful for that as well.
Becoming a mother myself certainly changed my perspective on my Mama. But I am so grateful for her; for her love, for her commitment to covering us in prayer, for her teaching, for her encouragement. Without such a Godly mother, I wouldn't be able to be as good a mother for my own lovely daughters.
I am also grateful for those other wonderful women that God placed in my life who have helped shaped me as a Mom. My grandma, my wonderful aunties (Aunt Kay and Aunt Linda especially), my sisters, and even my special 'mom' friends (like Patty Faust and Aunt Beth).
And now, as my babies celebrate Mother's day with me, telling me that I'm "beautiful and fun", I can say "Thanks, I get it from my mom"...

Have a happy, blessed Mother's Day Mama! And all you other Moms!