Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing dress-up...

Tonight we helped at our church event, "Light the Night", and we so love to dress up! Joey and I got to re-use our pirate costumes, and I had great fun doing the little girls' outfits too. Anna was creative all on her own and dressed up as ME! Too funny! Elley was an adorable scare-crow, Lily was a LILY, and Eva was the Energizer Bunny which is very appropriate in my opinion - cause she never stops going! Here's our goofy family!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eva looks so much like Livie in this picture!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lily said...

During our post-naptime snuggling with Joelle and Lily:
Dad: Did you have any dreams during your nap?
Lil: Nope - I just saw black.

We are the pirates....

who are trying to do everything....argh is right. We've been so busy just trying to get back to normal life; still slowly "moving in" to the house, getting back on track with school, recovering from a stress fracture in my wrist, preparing flowers for and attending my grandmother's funeral, Joey's back to regular work hours and the wood stove is requiring lots of attention and time, getting ready for my first home demonstration parties in the new house, and already thinking about the upcoming holidays and the openhouse. Oi - I'm tired. Anyhow - last night we went to a pirate themed birthday party for a sweet friend, and of course, we had to go in full (homemade) costumes - because we really just love to dress up. I had a great time putting our outfits together and we had a great time at the party - we did a lot of laughing watching the karaoke gang!! And since I was told that I needed to blog - there you have it - what the last two weeks have been like in a nutshell, with pictures!
Joey's outfit was created from a shower curtain I found on clearance that turned into his tunic and boots - isn't he a handsome pirate??!!
My outfit was a blouse and a dress from Goodwill; I cut off the dress and wore it backwards and hot glued ribbon to the front to create the corset effect - and Joey particularly liked the wild red wig!
And here's some other random pictures from the last 2 weeks; all of Jess' gang was here for dinner; Eva gets very upset about being sent to the corner; Evie loves to hide in the kitchen cabinets (and stays very quite and giggles when I can't find her!); the girls had fun painting one family night; and Eva's other new trick is trying to stand on her head - obviously Eva has been entertaining us a lot lately!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some new pics...

Here's just some of what's been accomplished the last couple days:

And these are my birthday present from a dear friend who knew how much I wanted something new and pretty to go in my glass front cabinets...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Too funny...

There's this funny thing online that you can see what you woulda looked like if you woulda graduated in different time periods. I did mine and Joey's and we laughed till we cried. Joey's were way funnier, but some of mine looked like relatives! Like this one - totally reminds me of Aunt Linda - don't ya think?
And here's some other one's just to make ya chuckle....
1998 - if you ever wanted to know what he looked like if he gained like 75 pounds
1962 - I think I look like Grandmom
1984 - ahh - it's Jessi's junior banquet!!
We have been so busy the last couple of days getting a lot of stuff moved over from the trailer, and things are really starting to look quite homey. It was seriously enjoyable for me to assemble the girls' bunkbeds, their bookcase and to do my first loads of dishes in my dishwasher!
But, today ended up being a bust for the most part, cause now I'm sick, and apparently sprained my wrist. Yuck. But, we did finally get the schoolroom mostly set up and let me say how much better things are when the girls can work at the same time and have all their materials accessible! So, tonight we're taking a break and having a family movie night and getting a little rest.
I'll post new pics tomorrow!