Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm down to about a month or so until Baby #5 makes its' appearance, and I've finally had some time and energy to work on some things for the nursery! I've been trying to pull together some sort of gender neutral 'theme' for the nursery, but had to work with a very limited budget. I discovered that the mobile I had, a gift from Anna's baby shower 10 years ago, still worked fine, but was a bit discolored and just didn't coordinate - so I decided to make a new one! I found a pattern online for these cute little birds, dug out some great fabric from Bessie's attic and whipped some up! I was so excited to find the little nest and eggs at the craft store for a buck a piece - cheap and adorable! I also found some great scrapbook paper to cover the little unfinished bin that I scooped up for $2 at the thrift store a while back. Now, I'm loving my little birdie theme and am searching for more things to add in!
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