Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun House Stuff

Well, we went to meet with our builder last night and I got to pick out a bunch of stuff for our house!! It was a ton of fun. We had to make some changes to our first set of house plans too, which was exciting as well - like adding a double front door which is something I've always dreamed about. But we've dreamed about this house for so long and looked at other houses and made plans, that it made our choices very easy. The guy was shocked how quickly I made my choices, but I've been 'shopping' for this house for 8 years! So in less than 5 minutes, I had picked out my siding, shingles, shutters, bathroom vanities, flooring, carpet and kitchen countertop! Now we have to go to Lowes or Home Depot (which I LOVE!) and pick out our appliances and figure out our kitchen cabinet layout. I'm really excited about how our kitchen will be. Besides being bigger than I ever imagined, we found that the space allows us to have something called a 'hearth' cook area, which I think looks so farmy! Here's a pic of the one we looked at out there, but it doesn't do it justice and our cabinets will be different, but it's an idea. Oh, and they said that if things keep moving along and our loan comes through ok, we could be looking at a 'delivery date' around the middle of October, which would give Joey a couple weeks to finish things up and we could move in around the beginning of November! I could have Christmas at my house this year- yeah!!!

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jessi said...

I couldn't really picture the hearth thing, but seeing it.... I LOVE IT!!!!