Monday, October 29, 2007

Not going as planned...

So, I decided that I needed to take today to get my house somewhat in order before we spend the rest of the week working at mom's. Joe's been trying to help by throwing in several loads of laundry, but he is unable to fold it, so I've got mounds of clean, unfolded laundry piling up. So, I intended to catch up on getting it all folded and put away. And now that Lily's been sleeping without a pull-up at night, she had her first accident last night and we needed to do the sheets too! So, I started out my morning pretty foggy, cause we were up with one or another of the children nearly every hour through the night. I dove right into the big job for the day, and was interrupted by squealing. I go to find that Lily discovered a dead mouse under Anna's bed. Yuck. So we got that taken care of and I start in on the laundry again. Then Eva needs to eat. Back to work. Then Anna finishes her schoolwork and needs it checked. Back to work. Then it's time for lunch.
So, after lunch the girls decide to play Barbies in Anna and Lily's room. Anna asked to take Eva in her Bumbo in with them, and then asked me to put on some music, cause the barbies were going to have a dance party. So, I get everyone settled and head back to my room to fold yet more laundry. After a bit I hear glass shattering, so I go flying over to find that the girls decided that since the barbies were having so much fun, they would have their own dance party as well! So Anna jumped off her bed onto Lily's and smashed the globe on the ceiling light with her head! There was shards of glass all over the room, and in Anna's hair, but not one of them has a scratch! There seemed to be an invisible boundary about 4 inches from where Eva and Elley were. Anna was shaking like a leaf, but only has a slight bruise on her noggin. Praise the Lord! It could've been really ugly, but He was protecting them.
So, now that I've calmed down, and gotten everyone down for naps - I am headed back to the laundry! Yeah. Today has not gone nearly as well as I'd hoped. But on a happy note - once again I'm reminded how much I love my new washer and dryer!

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