Saturday, November 3, 2007

Light the night

Wednesday night (Halloween) we held a free family event at Jessi's house in Stowe, put on by the members of Koinonia House. It was a fun safe alternative activity; we had a moonbounce, carnival type games and hot dogs and popcorn, and played a Hermie movie projected on the back wall of the house. Thought it get really cold, all seemed to have a good time; we had about 30 or so neighborhood kids show up, so we called it a success.
Of course a major highlight for my kids was getting dressed up. So, Anna was Miss America, Lily was a bride, Elley was a penguin; I was a cornstalk to Eva's ear of "sweet corn", with Joey as our farmer. We didn't get a whole lot of great pics, but here's a few.

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