Friday, October 3, 2008

We have been so busy the last couple of days getting a lot of stuff moved over from the trailer, and things are really starting to look quite homey. It was seriously enjoyable for me to assemble the girls' bunkbeds, their bookcase and to do my first loads of dishes in my dishwasher!
But, today ended up being a bust for the most part, cause now I'm sick, and apparently sprained my wrist. Yuck. But, we did finally get the schoolroom mostly set up and let me say how much better things are when the girls can work at the same time and have all their materials accessible! So, tonight we're taking a break and having a family movie night and getting a little rest.
I'll post new pics tomorrow!

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Jessi said...

Sorry you're sick, but good for you about the school room!! Yay!!!!!

Can't wait to come up and just hang out...