Monday, January 19, 2009

As much as I despise being helpless, I think I could get a little spoiled by Joey's new found confidence in the kitchen! He has been in charge of all food shopping and preparation since my "incident" - and he's gotten quite adventurous! He has wowed me (and sometimes the girls) by making things like roast beef, snow crab legs, bacon wrapped scallops, mashed potatoes topped with lobster cream sauce, chicken picatta and broiled scallops! He's been so great to me while I'm laid up - though he is beyond tired - having to tend to me, the girls, the house and the woodstove is really wearing him out, and I can't wait to be better so I can give HIM a break. I am just reminded again and again what a wonderful husband I've been blessed with.


Jessi said...

Yeah...lobster sauce?!?! NICE!!! I think he's a better housewife than me!!!

Laura said...

hmmm... the food was quite good when we came up the other week... i bet you're glad you got him they fryer.

whatcha doing friday? wanna come let me cook for you?

Holly said...

I could use some of those recipes he's using... pass them one Cuz!!