Monday, February 23, 2009

Anna's belated birthday party

Anna turned 8 in July, but had asked to have a sleepover party instead of a traditional birthday celebration. So, we agreed to wait until we were in the new house to hold the sleepover so she could have several girls over. Unfortunately, between getting settled in the house, dealing with the business of the poinsettia show and Christmas, and then my period of being laid up with my knee injury - it got reeeaaallly pushed back. But we were finally able to pull it off this past weekend. And it went over quite well I think. She requested that they play a bunch of games, and so as not to be sabotaged by little people, I made arrangments for Joelle and Eva to stay at their auntie's overnight. It was kind of strange to not have to do a whole lot though! It was all (except Lily) bigger girls, and they didn't need (or want) much input from us! Anna did request a scavenger hunt to find the favors, but otherwise, just wanted to play board games, Wii, and watch movies - so easy! They made personal pizzas for dinner and later we set up a make your own sundae bar. They were having such a good time entertaining themselves, that Joey and I actually played a game ourselves and then watched a movie! Anyway, they all seemed to have a good time - though not much sleep was had! Here's some pics!

We had fun picking out girly favors - hairbrushes, lotions, hair things - and then personalizing their little shower caddies!

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Anonymous said...

aww sounds like fun! sometimes i wish i was still a little girl staying up late at sleepovers