Thursday, June 25, 2009

In case anyone didn't get to see the pictures from our Birthday Celebration Circus and Carnival - you can see them here: (You have to copy the address and paste it, I can't get the link thing to work!)
I think our party was a great success. We were a little disappointed to have it inside because of the weather, but it was fun regardless. The girls (and Joe) did a great job with their circus performances; which we had to do on the bar in the kitchen. Then there was games and lots of candy prizes at the carnival set up in the basement. Pin the nose on the clown; Knock down the milk bottles; Ping Pong ball toss; Toss the lion into the rings of fire; Feeding Henrietta the elephant with peanuts; and tossing frogs onto lily pads. Joey had done such a great job of building me the games out of scrap wood, and I had so much fun painting it all! All of the girls had a fabulous time (I do believe they enjoy being the center of attention!). Eventually the weather cleared up and the kids went outside to play and discovered a good sized black snake in our rock pile that entertained them for a while too. And we all got to enjoy a huge rainbow over our back yard too! It was a busy, blessed day

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