Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're planning a big birthday bash for Saturday, celebrating all three of our summer birthday girls. And then, my three little ones suddenly got hit with crazy fevers and sore throats. So, we lined them up on the counter to annoint them all with oil and pray for them. After that, they went to get jommies on, and then came back to the kitchen when they decided that they should pray for us so we don't get sick either. So, they held hands around us on the kitchen floor while Lil prayed. How awesome was that?! (Lest anyone think we are too super cool and spiritual; this prayer circle was then sealed with an all hands in, "Gooooo Glicks - Break!") I am so blessed by my children.


Holly said...

That is so awesome!!! Avery's got the fever too! So next time the Glicks form up for a prayer circle, would you mind adding Avery? We're leaving tomorrow for a week at the lake, I would hate for her to be sick the whole time we're there!

Praying your girls get to feeling better soon too!!

Anonymous said...


Momma E said...

How cute - it's like your own little football team with the "BREAK!" lol They're too cute.

I hope the birthday party is a huge hit! I know it will be. :)