Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tomorrow's a big day

So, I go in to the hospital at 6am tomorrow for my "procedure" and should be awake around noon. I figure that the up-side is that that will probably be the longest uninterrupted nap that I've had in a long time! I've been so blessed to have such precious friends rallying around me, offering to help in so many ways, cleaning, cooking, keeping the girls, etc. I'm so blessed. I still feel like I have very little idea what to expect, but am looking forward to some relief.
They told me that by tomorrow evening I should be doing pretty well, so I am planning to attend Kaitlyn's party, cause we've had so much fun, and done so much work putting it together, I can't stand to miss it. I figure even if I end up laying on the couch, I can do that just as well at Jess's house as my own and I can still watch the fun! Jess and I have put a lot of thought into this mystery party for Kate, I think they're going to have so much fun. There will be a scavenger hunt to find pieces of evidence, including decoding messages written in Morse Code, invisible ink and number code; a 13 page book of suspect files, including criminals such as Eva LaDrool and Joe Smith, the gardener; and they will have to question suspects and witnesses, including the Countess LauraLynn Johnston and Angelina Fizzly, Duchess of Berlinville! Each of the girls will receive Junior Agent badges, and detective kits, and will end up solving the mystery of the 'unsigned postcard' and retrieving the stolen jewels! I think it will be so much fun! I'm really looking forward to it.
I still appreciate everyone's prayers for tomorrow - I'm still a little nervous. And I'm looking forward to being off pain meds and getting back to nursing Eva - cause formula is crazy expensive! Thanks to all!

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Tery said...

You'll be in my prayers. I wish I was such a fun party planner:)