Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shopping must be in the pants....

Tonight, we had a nice 15% off coupon to shop at Kohl's since Liv works there. So, Joey took us all; I wanted a skirt for Easter, Joelle desperately needed jeans, Joey needed a belt and all the girls needed tights for Easter. Other than tights for the little girls, we were very successful. At one point, we had separated, Joey took the little girls to the bathroom and Anna went with me to look for a blouse. As we're wandering through the racks, Anna and I had this discussion:
Anna: "Do you like to shop for clothes, Mom?"
Me: "Absolutely."
Anna:"Me too."
Me:"You're my kind of girl, honey."
Anna:"I get most of my pants from you."
Anna:"Most of the pants I have, they're from you."
Me:"What pants?"
Anna:"You know how when we're born, I got some pants from you and some from dad."
Me:"Oooooooh. You mean GENES!"
And there were are, nearly rolling on the floor in the misses department..... Too funny, I'm still laughing.


Jessi said...

ROFL!!!!!!!! Glad you were so successful!! I'm thinking I'll head over tomorrow...

Laura said...

Thats awesome!

Holly said...

Now that just about made my day! That's too cute!

Teclado e Mouse said...
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