Monday, June 30, 2008

Didn't we just get OUT of school?????

It seems that I was still just "catching my breath" after Anna finishing her second grade schoolyear about a month ago. And then, here we were today, doing math problems and reading comprehension... and enjoying it! Last week, we had our enrollment interview with PA Virtual Charter School - which went very well, and both Anna and Lily left the meeting very excited. This morning, I had them both to the dr for their required physical and shots, and later this morning had my phone call from the Curriculum Assessment teacher. She sent my link to the girl's placement tests and they both decided that they wanted to do them today!
Lily struggled through some phonics assessment, which didn't surprise me since I haven't really pursued anything academically with her at all. But I was pleasantly surprised to find she buzzed right through the math assessment with flying colors! So, it looks like she is quite ready for kindergarten, though we have some basics to focus on to start.
And then we settled in to do Anna's much more involved testing. She got through the math test with so-so results, but when we looked over it, we decided it was more a matter of needing some refreshers and not that she didn't know what she was doing, so we're ok with where she was at there.
Then on to the Reading Placement tests.... Whoa. I mean I know that the child seems to have a Nancy Drew book permanently fused to her hand - but I didn't realize how well she really reads! After she went flying through the reading and comprehension tests that the teacher recommended, I had her do the next level up. She buzzed right through those as well! So, I jumped up the next level. About half-way through that test, we decided that she was officially in unfamiliar territory - though she was still getting most answers correct, she was struggling a bit more with the new words and definitions. I had her even reading all of it aloud (which I personally find is harder for me to read aloud and understand what I'm saying) and she knocked my socks off! Not only does she read fluently, but with inflection! I called Joey and put her on speakerphone so he could hear! I am very excited to see where they decide to place her reading level - because I am beyond proud of her!


Jessi said...

That's awesome...I'm so excited to do ours!!

Laura said...

very cool... gotta love that nancy drew.