Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The House of Mouse

I had posted a little while ago about the mouse smell. Well, over the weekend, the smell took on more of a dead stench, and sure enough, Sunday night we found a dead one behind the dresser in my bedroom. Yesterday while I was packing and cleaning the "cubby" in my room, I also discovered 2 dried up tiny baby mice, and also some lovely mold where apparently our ceiling leaked into the back of the cabinet - but I got everything cleaned up with Clorox and was feeling pretty good. But apparently, we aren't home free yet! I was up till nearly 4 am last night listening to the mice squeaking in the wall behind my dresser! They were having a regular old Rodent Rally or something - it was terrible! And we can't see them, and banging the wall doesn't seem to help. So, Joey's thinking maybe the dead one was a mommy and now her babies are left orphaned and hungry and calling for her. Am I sympathetic? NO! I want them dead. Is that wrong of me?


Jessi said...

Heck no it's not wrong!! There is NO more room for babies in your house at the moment - and certainly none of the rodent variety!!

Come on appraisal!!!!!

Jimmy DeWan said...

still praying Bets. Love ya

Aunt Linda said...

Dealing with wild animils is such a mess!!! Over this past winter, we acquired some mouse-guests in our garage, but really wasn't too aware of it until close to spring.

We keep plenty of bird seed & sunflower seeds on hand to feed our feathered friends & I did notice the scattering of sunflower seeds throughout the garage, but really didn't give it a second thought, just assuming that Uncle Glenn was being extra messy while filling the feeders, or that the wind was blowing stuff around. It wasn't until one day when we had the hood opened on the 2003 Corvette that I noticed a little pile of sunflower seed hulls on a small, flat place in the engine compartment. It was late in the spring, so we figured they probably moved on to better grounds. We cleaned up the mess & let it go at that. A few days later we again had the hood opened & I saw another pile of hulls!!!! OK...ENOUGH!! I knew of some friends who had some serious Corvette mechanic bills, thanks to the mice chewing on the electrical wires. We set out traps & caught 2 "healthy looking" mice in the first 24 hours. Also decided to clean up the garage. Turns out the little critters had stored sunflower seeds in all sorts of places, including inside my garden shoes!!! YUCK!!!

Anyway, we seem to have caught them all, or at least sent them on their merry way back to the surrounding fields. Incidentally, they also chewed through the air conditioning duct-work under the house & when the fan came on, insultion blew out of the vent opening. I guess they figured they had a 5-star hotel going!

We also had an issue with a young skunk living underneath our house, but I'll save that story for another time! LOL

Love y'all!

Christelle Joy said...

soon bets! : ) you guys are in the home stretch!