Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today we meet with the lady from the USDA. We're going into this meeting not really sure where things stand. From our perspective, we have done everything that is required for us to move forward with the loan process - but the lady keeps throwing out comments like, "This is a long process..." and "When we really get into this..." - when we thought that we were well INTO this LONG process already! I am so proud of my husband - he has gotten everything so organized to try to head off any problems that she will bring up. He has been absolutely amazing in this whole process, a true example of faith and patience; even when I'm in tears again, begging for answers that he doesn't have. And I'm reminded again how blessed we are to be part of the family business, and have such a wonderful and flexible employer who has given Joey such freedom as he meets with subcontractors, and works on computer plans and surveying our lot.
And over the last week and a half that I've had my sweet neice here to help and I've done a ton of cleaning, organizing and general purging.... I've also been very aware of how blessed we have been in the last 9 years. As truly pathetic the state of our trailer is in now, it has been a cozy home for my family for 9 years.
And I've been challenged on lessons of being faithful with little... and also trusting God even when it seems He is silent. Last week I read a devotional on that particular one, talking about how when Mary and Martha sent for Jesus when Lazarus was sick, they were surely frustrated and confused and feeling hopeless when He didn't come, because in their minds they thought He'd missed the opportunity to heal Lazarus. And then when He did come, and actually raised Lazarus from the dead, they had to realize that His silence did not mean rejection; but He works all things for His ultimate glory. I pray that somehow, this difficult road we are walking is ultimately setting the stage for the Lord to be glorified - in our response to the USDA, in our eventual home, in our testimony of His faithfulness - we want Him to be glorified - even more than I want a new house - and that's A LOT!
Anyway, this kinda turned into a ramble.... all to say that today is a pretty important day, and we appreciate all prayers that this meeting would go smoothly; that all information that she needs we will have prepared; that the appraisal that needs to be ordered will be very quick and without fault; that the lady would have wisdom in this process; that our response to her would be kind and patient and righteous; that every detail of this process would be understood by all parties; and truly - that this would move along QUICKLY!
I will hopefully have good news to report by tonight.....
Thank you my precious prayer warriors!

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Meme said...

Jeremiah 32:27
I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too difficult for Me?

I saw this verse on an e-mail from a friend when I was searching for something this morning and copied it. Then I read Holly's e-mail and decided to send it to you!!!! God bless you and your family. I know that your lives honor Him. Luke's Meme!