Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 2 Nesting

Ahhh, the complete exhaustion and satisfaction of a full day of cleaning! God has totally blessed me with an energy burst this week. Today I tackled the bathroom. I did some serious purging and it felt fantastic. I don't think my bathroom has been this clean since I moved in! I literally scrubbed it top to bottom; we're talking, I even washed the washer! The only thing not done is behind the dryer, for the obvious reason that I'm pregnant and couldn't move it - don't think I didn't contemplate it though! The girls even helped tonight, by helping to scrub the floor. And then I tossed them into the tub for baths and they even wiped down the shower walls while they were in there. But the two funny spots of my day....
Anna came in to the bathroom several times to encourage my efforts and once, she asked why I was cleaning like crazy all of a sudden. I explained that it's called 'nesting', like when a mama bird is getting ready to lay her eggs. Later, when I was almost done my cleaning, she came in again to complement me, saying "Look what a great nest your making, Mom!".
Later, when we had the girls in the tub, Joelle was already done and out (which doesn't take long, since she is NOT a fan of the bath). Lily and Anna were showing how long they could hold their breath, by putting their faces underwater. When Anna went to do it once, Lily decided to push her head down under. We of course stopped her quickly, but Anna came up laughing, "Lily baptized me!".
Days like today give me such joy as a mom, and as a wife, in general just as a person. My poor pregnant body is complaining loudly, but the satisfaction I feel as I get ready to take a bath myself in my nice, clean, organized bathroom is so wonderful!
And in case anyone is reading this (like Mom) and are worried that I'm overdoing it, rest assured that tomorrow I'm taking a break!

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jessi said...

Hey, you wanna come build a nest at my house next??? ;o) Sounds like a break tomorrow is a good idea...not that I'm mom, or that I was thinking that you might be overdoing...cuz I wasn't ya know, so why would you think anyone would think that?? (Other than you operate EXACTLY like me!!)