Monday, March 19, 2007

A good day!

It was a good day! I had a better night's sleep last night than I have in quite a while, and I woke up this morning feeling very energetic! I actually got the kids dressed right away, which caused them to ask where we were going - tells you how most of our days go.... And then we started cleaning! By lunchtime, I had the living room and kitchen at least tidied and I had cleaned out one cabinet and on top of our "catch-all" by the front door. After lunch I tackled our "office"; which is the bar but is the general collecting area for papers, random pens, coloring books; well you name it! I got it so organized - it's never been so clear! I was really on a roll! I finally took down the last of my "winter" decorations and decided to move some other wall decorations around. And then I got some sense knocked into me..... I was trying to reach something behind the couch and apparently pulled the cord to the surround sound speaker, so it came crashing down on my head. The girls were playing in their room, and came out to find me bawling on the couch holding my head. Anna asked, "Do you want me to call Daddy?"; Lily said, "Do you want Daddy?"; I said no. Lily then said, "Do you want us?"; which made me cry more (remember I'm pregnant and emotional) and I nodded. They all piled on me on the couch and Lily offered to pray for me. "I'll pray first Anna and then you pray first after me...." Elle just rubbed my arm, saying "Mommy ok?" Once the praying was done, Anna got me a baggy of ice. What good girls I have!!!!
Fortunately this was not enough to ruin my day, tho it did effectively put an end to my afternoon of nesting. The girls all went down without complaint for naps - all of them - and all were sleeping within minutes. I layed down and watched a movie and got rid of my headache!
A bit of a side note - Lily has been a totally different kid this week, really since we had her prayed for on Wednesday and her ears were healed (and possibly her tonsils as well). But she has been eating well, sleeping well, staying in her bed most nights, and even snoring less, and just in general been more pleasant! Praise the Lord!
Joe came home in a great mood as well, which he generally is particularly lovey toward me when I have a successful cleaning experience (uhh, acts of service love language maybe?!) So, we took the girls to Super Walmart to do some grocery shopping and whatnot. They all, especially Anna were in need of a few new clothes. Poor Anna has grown so much lately that she pops her buttons open on her pants regularly and her tummy and wrists stick out of her shirts! I bravely took all three girls into a changing room, with 6 items each, and it went suprisingly well. Daddy had to be an appreciative audience for their fashion showings and we ended up with 2 or 3 items each coming home. There were no meltdowns, no tears, no flailing or screaming - and the girls did amazingly well too! I am now totally exhausted, but I count today as an extreme success. Not even the fact that I forgot it was the season premiere of 'Dancing with the Stars' could dampen my feeling of satisfaction today! It was a good day!

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jessi said...

I'm so happy for you...I love days like that. I would've traded 'Dancing with the Stars' for a night of great shopping!! I did get some shopping in yesterday w/Kate, but definitely not as successful as yours! I think I must be do for a day like least the cleaning part! (Although, I could do w/out getting wailed on the head - but your girls were great!) Hope you have a week full of those days.