Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our House...

Well, Danae asked about how our house is coming, so I figured I'd do a post about where things stand.
Right now, we are in the process of getting our contractor approved with the USDA, which supposedly is a rather complicated ordeal. Fortunately we have been blessed to have a friend who is a contractor and who is willing to go through this process for us. From what I understand, it involves a credit report, a BBB report, consults with previous clients, evaluations of previous work and maybe a few more things. Kerwin, our contractor, has been extremely gracious and doesn't think that any of these things will cause a problem, just a hold-up.
Once he is a USDA approved contractor, they will reevaluate our financial status to see if we still qualify for the same loan that we already approved for but has expired because of all this carrying on. Again, that doesn't look like it should cause any hiccups, since nothing's changed since last year.
Once all that is approved, we will sign for the loan, and then give our builders the go-ahead. From that point, it should take approximately 4-6 weeks till the house is ready to be delivered. In that time, Joe will be getting the basement ready. Once the house is here, and set, it'll probably be about 2 weeks (give or take) to finish it, like hang the doors, finish the drywall, lay the hardwood floor, etc.
My hope and prayer is that it will be done and we can move in by spring. I've learned a lot through the whole process, about the details of building a home, and also about myself. I've gone through a lot of emotions, and continue to. But ultimately, it comes down to my desire to search for God's will and plant myself in it. I'm daily trying to rest in knowing that God brought us to this place, both physically and spiritually, for a purpose; and though I may never know what that purpose is, it is my responsibility to just walk it out. He has blessed us in so many many ways, that sometimes I am just overwhelmed by His goodness and grace. I can trust that He will pour out from His abundant stores.
And, just so no one thinks I'm flying through this in perfect peace.....
I also find myself crying out, "Please God soon!" when I trip again on the peeling linoleum in the kitchen or lose my balance on the weak spot in our bedroom floor!

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Jessi said...

MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD (That would be the Lil part - not the house...I'm not laughing about that cuz I'm busy praying!!)