Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentine Party

Our Valentine party went great yesterday! The kids loved the V-day bingo, and the crafts were a huge hit. They made 3-D heart mobiles....

and baked clay heart keychains, and bookmarks with pictures from the bingo cards! All were made with minimal mess, fussing and injury.... and the kids did great too!
We had a very festive lunch - pink pancakes, served with strawberries and raspberries, pink iced cupcakes, pink lemonade and several types of Valentine candies!

I consider it to have been a great success; and I love those times when our kids declare us, "The best moms ever!".


Jessi said...

OH that one day that we get to be the best moms ever!!!

Laura said...

those pics just looks so familiar... like i've seen them before!