Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lots of "Good-byes"

We're saying "Good-bye" to the flu!

We seem to finally be on the upswing! Lily seems to still be struggling with a minor temp; and we're still wiping noses and coughing like crazy - but overall, definitely doing better. Praise the Lord! Lily woke up in the night last night with a temp, complaining of her ear hurting; and I was concerned that I'd be running her into the dr for an ear infection, but after only one dose of homeopathic earache drops - she said it was all better. Again, we are praising the Lord that the worst seems to be behind us. I disinfected like crazy today, so hopefully we'll get and stay healthy now. We appreciate those who were praying for us.
Two bright spots through this..... Since Joelle was so stuffed up initially, she couldn't sleep with her Nukey, so even once she was better, and asked for it, we reminded her of how well she had slept without it and encouraged her for being such a big girl, and put it away. She only had one night that she asked for it. I told her no and when I passed her room later, she was sitting up on the headboard of her bed with her hands folded. I said, "What are you doing?"

"Joelle, why aren't you laying down, what are you doing up?"
"Joelle, what do you have in your hands?"

"Joelle, show me your hands." As she opened her hands, she also pinched her knees together, and I saw her pacifier tucked between her legs
"Joelle - give it to me."
She had climbed up and gotten her spare Nuk off the top of the dresser, and I'm not even sure if she had it in her mouth or was just holding it and mourning, but she handed it over sadly. She fussed and I laid with her for about 5 minutes and then she told me I could go to bed. That was the last time - and it has now been a whole week! Hallelujah - I was not looking forward to that, but God gave me a special blessing hidden in the mess of this last week. And so we're also saying "Good bye to the nukey!"

The other bit of news that I'm (mostly) happy to share: Eva's been released from the monitor!!!! This afternoon, after the NICU dr had called and gave me the go-ahead to take her off, I took her belt and said, "Watch, girls!" and took it over to the trash. Anna said, "Really?!" and then they all cheered! Of course, I'm thrilled and relieved to know that they've decided that she's healthy and it's safe to take her off it. But I will admit that there's a small part that struggles with it, because especially while she's been sick this last week, it was nice knowing that if she was having trouble breathing, the monitor would let me know. I'm continually having to give her over to the Lord, several times a night and praying for peace; but I know that He made her, He knows her and He loves her even more than I can; and I am learning to trust Him with her. And so we're also saying "Good-bye to the monitor!"

I'm really not too sad to see any of these things leave my house!!!!! *Even tho, with the loss of the monitor and the nukey, I'm again reminded of how big my babies are getting!


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Thats awesome to hear!! I'll keep praying for peace about the monitor.