Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sickness update

Thanks for the prayers... As of this morning, Anna's fever is way down, Eva's is almost gone,and we are left with Elley fighting a high temp, and runny/stuffy noses, coughing and very sore throats with all 3. Joey and I are popping vitamins like crazy, cause we both feel a little something settling in our chests and throats this morning. So, praise the Lord that the little ones seem to be past the worst of it. But we ask for continued prayers, cause today, since they're on the upside, are no longer content to quietly sleep or lay all day and are already bugging my with their whining... Lord, grant me grace!


Kristine said...

My boys are in the thick of it too... same thing... we must have shared last Friday night. Caleb started with a fever on Sunday and is still laying around. Malachi followed and Isaiah woke up with fever today... The only good thing is they've all been taking long naps :) Praying you all are better fast.

The Mayor said...

Ooooh, you have been on my mind this week. Knock on wood, we are doing pretty well right now but I know just what you are talking about with the laundry and what not. I hope those vitamins keep you on top of it. Stay rested and I will be praying for your family to make a fast rebound.

Bets said...

Thanks Kristine and Danae - I appreciate all the prayer. Unfortunately Joey and I both are getting hit hard now, so we're all out of commission - hopefully a couple days of rest will do the trick.