Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our weekend away.

I almost forgot to add a post about where Joey took me on my surprise weekend get-away! We went to a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Myerstown, called Heidi's B & B. It was spectacular. The suite was amazing, we found awesome places to eat, had a wonderfully relaxing time (especially in the jacuzzi!) and did some shopping; but overall, just enjoyed each other immensely! Here's some pictures of the suite:

*** note - Joey didn't think to take any pictures until we were trying to get ready to leave! Thus, the unmade bed, and me primping in the bathroom! ***


Holly said...

WOW Bets, that's beautiful! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful, relaxing time! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I was anxiously waiting to hear where you got to go - so thanks for sharing!

Jessi said...

So gorgeous...I wanna go back!!

Laura said...

very nice! I'm so glad you had a nice time!