Saturday, May 31, 2008's not broken!

We had to take Lil into the Immediate Care office this morning for xrays. Last night they were playing in their playhouse, and from what I can gather, she was being made to "walk the plank" by the pirate Joelle, and took a leap/ was pushed off of the deck of their playhouse - which is about 5 foot off the ground. She's been showing her daredevil side by leaping from this deck to the sand mound, for about 3 weeks now. But, I guess the extra "momentum" of Joelle's shove altered her landing and her foot twisted wrong. Lily is PARTICULARLY tough, so it's hard to read her if she's really hurt. She yelled at first, but settled quickly, but her foot started swelling and bruising almost instantly, and when she tried to walk on it, she fell down in obvious pain. After calling the dr, we decided to ice it and watch it overnight. This morning, it seemed better, but just when we'd pretty much decided we didn't need to take her to the dr, she lost her balance walking, putting pressure on the front of her foot, and I watched a wave of pain cross her face and her knee went out beneath her. That was enough to convince me that we needed to know for sure if there was a break. Miranda had recommended the Immediate Care office to us before, but hadn't had a need to visit it until today. I'm so glad we knew about it! We were in and out in an hour flat. The doctors, nurses and xray techs were fantastic. And after a couple xrays, they announced that it was not broken but a bad sprain indeed. Praise the Lord. So, it's RICE for 2-3 days, and then she can start walking on it again as she's able. I am particularly glad now that she's such a tiny peanut - if she was a hefty (almost) 5 year old, I wouldn't be able to lug her around to the bathroom and such! But, we're all very glad that she didn't have to have a cast as her birthday present! So, we need to come up with something fun for her to do tomorrow on her birthday that doesn't require being on her feet!

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Jessi said...

What a bummer b-day present...though, I cannot imagine Lil surviving several weeks of being casted for a break... You'd both be nuts til it came off!