Monday, July 28, 2008

Successful shopping

The other day, I got to go shopping with Jess (and gang) for some sneakers, which were much needed. I've been wearing flip-flops nearly every day since about May, and my knees have started bothering me, so I figured it was time for some sneakers. I tried on several pairs, several kinds; and Bryce was helpful in informing me that "the white ones aren't cool". But I found some that are super comfy and were approved by the "style police". These are my awesome new sneakers that I'm totally loving:
Also on this shopping trip, I happened across a dress (on sale!) that I loved - very 50's style, but in a size smaller than I usually wear, but I tried it on anyway. It fit and Jess said that she loved it too - so I bought it. Now you must understand that I am not a frivolous shopper - if I don't absolutely LOVE something, I just won't get it. But I do really love this dress; and the fact that it's a smaller size just thrilled my soul as well. So, I brought the dress home and quickly tried it on for Joey. Here's the dress:
What I found amusing was that since I was "quickly" showing Joey the dress, I didn't take off my new shoes; and Lily was quick to inform me that I can't wear the sneakers and the dress together, because it's "too hip-hop". Am I too old to be "hip-hop"? I can't pull this look off?
I've always thought I was pretty style savvy, but now I'm beginning to wonder, cause even Laura told me that my shoes made me look like an emu, or some such thing.....:o)


Jessi said...

Yep, still love 'em. Great purchases...and I don't know...maybe with some white bobby socks you and big pouffy hair you could pull off a Cyndi Lauper deal with the sneaks and dress combo..."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..."

Laura said...

haha, awww... bets, its EMO (I think it comes from "emotional", but its used to describe a kind of melancoly-punk music and style that goes with it.)

Holly said...

I too love the dress and sneakers! It's nice to have children (and nieces and nephews) who keep you up to date on the styles!

A note to Laura - I know I don't know you (I am sure that if my cousin's both love you I would too!), but I just read your comment on Jessie’s blog about Facebook and here on Bets' blog - you make me feel VERY OLD!