Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6

Wow - Happy 8 month birthday to my sweet Lulu-bird! Time is flying! I can't believe that my littlest girlie is growing so fast. She is crawling around the house like a speedracer, pulling up and creeping around furniture, scooting right up the stairs if we forget the gate.... She also is constantly amazing me with her ability to communicate. Last night I tried feeding her mashed peas mixed with rice cereal - she DID NOT like it. There was faces and coughing and gagging.... I kept trying to sneak in a spoonful here and there while I ate my dinner, and she was not enjoying it. Then, she convinced me to let her off the hook by signing, "All done" for the first time! It was adorable and amazing, so she won that battle. (I'll be trying the peas sans cereal tonight tho!) I am grateful every day for the gift that my Lu is to our family.
As for how my projects are going...
I am still plugging away trying to catch up with the horrible mountain of laundry that accumulated over 'vacation' - I've gotten almost all the laundry washed and folded, but I'm stalling putting it all away so I can sort through and pack away out of season or wrong size clothing - it's a big job.
I"m a little disappointed that I didn't get to work on my shelf yesterday, but I realized that I can't move forward til I get the curtain rod to know what size to cut everything and I can't paint till I cut it out - so tonight we run to Home Depot again... And I'm going to use my Christmas gift card to Joanne Fabric to get what I need to make the curtains too - thanks Aunt Beth! I will also be taking Lil to get her haircut tonight, and she convinced her daddy to let me put some pink highlights in her hair - cause she's Lil and pink highlights suit her. I love my girls.
One project I did get to yesterday was the hutch! I carefully took apart the glass doors and removed the grids, used my Dremel to cut off the cross pieces and put them all back together. I love the change. Of course, once I put it back together, I realized I needed to tidy (ie. redecorate) the whole hutch. This is how I function - I have housekeeping ADD.
I also am proud to say that I successfully made it through my second workout and am not hurting nearly so bad today! Wondering if I could drop 2 dress sizes by the summer....

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Holly said...

Yes, you can drop 2 dress sizes by summer! It takes a ton of work, and commitment, but I was able to loss a good bit of weight in just a few months when I first started. I'm at a total loss of 30 pounds now. Give or take around the holidays! You can do it Bets!!!