Friday, August 1, 2008


Part of the girl's enrollment for school requires that they have a dental exam. I have not been to the dentist in about 10 years, and so my kids have never been either. I've been dreading this part; mostly because we don't have dental insurance and I was afraid to find out how much it would cost us. But, I could avoid it no longer. So, this morning I found a dentist that I am really pleased with. We do have a sort of savings plan thing, so I was looking through their participating dentists and chose a couple to call. The first one I called, I got the machine. The second one I called because it was a woman and I thought that might make the girls more comfortable. I was able to talk to a very friendly woman on the phone, who went over the cost involved with their check-ups, and was able to get them an appointment in 10 days! I was really put at ease by her, and feel a huge relief to have this done. AND the cost involved is not nearly what I'd expected! Praise the Lord! If it goes well with Anna and Lily, then I'll also plan to take Joelle and myself back too. This is really something I've been stressing about for a long time and now I'm rather excited to get it taken care of!

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Laura said...

oh how funny! whats your denist's name?