Saturday, August 16, 2008

New life

Tonight Luke and Miranda came over for dinner and a nice long visit. We've been close with them as a couple for about 8 years I think, they're like family. They've been around to watch our girls grow, Miranda was at Eva's delivery. And now they're preparing to welcome their own little one any day now. Seeing her beautiful round tummy, and watching and feeling those squirms and kicks made me really miss being pregnant. I am really looking forward to having that experience again - I love being pregnant; feeling that life, wondering who that little person is.... it's fantastic. But, right now, I'm so very excited to be watching one of my best friends get to experience what I've enjoyed over and over. I'm so anxious to meet this little one too - almost like my own little niece or nephew! Though, I'm putting my money on a boy..... we'll see soon!!! Motherhood is such a precious gift.