Monday, August 4, 2008

I am freaking out....

I thought I'd sit down and try to get a handle on how this school thing was gonna play out. Uhh - who said this was no problem?! Good glory, I am feeling totally overwhelmed, and really rather stupid! I am so confused by the set up, and it's totally flipping me out. Jess, Kristine - am I completely simple-minded?! Do you get this stuff?!

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Todd said...

Now you're freakin' me out!! What are you looking at??? I didn't get anything yet! (Did you go on and watch whatever we're supposed to watch yet? I didn't, but need to this week...gotta dig out the letter again.)

But I'm sure we'll be fine...if you wanna come over we can investigate together...since I now have a computer in my living room.