Monday, November 24, 2008

Ninth day

On the ninth day of Thankfulness, my blessings to share with thee...
1. I'm so thankful for Jessi today. I had a fun day helping her rearrange her furniture and hang some things on the walls - and it never ceases to amuse me how well we work as a team. We joke that we are each only half a brain, and we need to "engage" the parts into a whole to function well - but it really is amazing how much more we accomplish together! If she weren't soooooo much older than me - it'd seem that we were twins! ;o)
2. I'm so thankful for the opportunity that we had this year to launch our flower business. I feel so blessed to be able to use the talents that God has given me in such a great way that I enjoy! And it's really been a stretching experience for me as well - because I'm sooo not a people person, and it's really forced me to grow in that area.
3. I'm thankful for Aunt Beth - who is not an aunt by blood - but treats me as one of her own regardless. She came to see my Christmas tree tonight and ended up hanging out for quite a while just visiting and it was such a treat to catch up with her. It's awesome to have people in your life that are such 'constants'.
4. And speaking of 'constants' - I also want to include Mama and Livie. In the season of life where we each are right now, it's hard to maintain the regularity of visits, phone calls and whatever; but when we do get a chance to get together,there's joy in the relationship of family. I know some families don't communicate well, and don't have close relationships with their parents and siblings - and though we certainly have our rough patches - it's such a blessing to know that nothing breaks our family. I don't know many other families that laugh when they're together like my family does - we've cornered the market on laughter.
5. I'm thankful for the peaceful season that I'm in right now. I feel like I actually have time now to relax, and I'm really enjoying it! I don't think I've ever enjoyed staying home as much as I am now!
6. I'm thankful for the wonderful new holiday tea I found - it's called Candy Cane Lane - and it brings me joy
7. As hard as homeschooling has been this year - I'm thankful that I have the freedom to educate my children as I see fit. I'm so blessed to have this time with them, and seeing them grow, mature and learn so much is worth the blood, sweat, and lots of tears that has gone into schooling them at home!
8. I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I was thankful for my family's health - but I just want to say again, specifically that I'm thanking the Lord for the health of Eva and Lily this year. Lily had been 'diagnosed' with some allergies and we were told that she'd probably have to be on a daily medication - we had her prayed for, and other than severe ear wax issues because of her tiny ear canals - we've had no more problems with the allergies - and in general, she's been particularly healthy! And as we come up on December, I can't help but think about Eva's scary episode last year - and I have to praise the Lord again for my growing healthy little girl!
9. I'm thankful that the Lord blessed me with creativity. I'm enjoying doing things to make my house more 'homey', and I am aware now that not everyone has the ability to do that, and certainly not everyone enjoys it - but I do, and I think that's a gift.


Holly said...

Bets I think you nailed every one of these on the head! Families do go thru hard times - but the neat thing about our families is that basis for our families is Christ, and that sets us apart! Also, I too think of Eva a lot this time of year, cause I had just had Avery, and I know she's not mine, but I was mighty scared for you guys while all that happened and I was extra cautious with Avery! Our healthy children are a blessing for sure! And as for your creativity - you're right - not everyone has it - and I wish I did!!! If you and Jess were closer I imagine I would use you all a lot to help with my home decorating! I love you cuz - thanks for helping me to remember all that I have to be thankful for as well!

Jessi said...

OK...I will graciously ignore the 'old' comment and say I love this list (and especially glad you enjoyed helping me and didn't feel it was a 'chore') and that I have loved all your lists, and just reading them has helped make me much more aware of all I have to be thankful for.

I love you!

Bets said...

Jess - I didn't say you were "old" - I just said you were older than me!!! ;o) I definitely didn't feel that yesterday was a chore - I love spending time with you no matter what we're doing!