Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thirteen Days of Thankfulness

On the first day of Thankfulness, my blessing to share with thee....

Not to be pitifully boring, but I have to go with the obvious - our new house. As I sit here typing in my warm, and quiet house - knowing it's freezing and awfully windy outside; how can I not count that as one of my biggest blessings?! So, to be specific - I am thankful for thick solid walls and heat!

{I was going to post 1 - 13 things every day for 13 days of Thankfulness up till Thanksgiving - I was supposed to start 2 days ago, but our internet has been acting up - so I'll just go for 2 days after Thanksgiving then! :o)}


Holly said...

I love it! And the idea is great and I think going after Thanksgiving is even better than the 2 days before!! Cause after you can say you're thankful for good foor! :-) I couldn't be happier for you all and you're wonderful new home!! I cannot wait to get up there and see it!

Laura said...

amen to that!