Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seventh day

On the seventh day of Thankfulness, my blessings to share with thee...
1. Today I helped move my dear friends Luke and Laura into their "new" house - and I am so very happy that the Lord provided such a great opportunity for them!
2. Joey pretty well got the house hooked up to the woodstove today, so I am thankful that we can have the thermostat set at a wonderfully toasty 70 degrees!
3. Since starting this year of homeschooling, I think I'm more grateful for weekends than I've ever been in my life!
4. After helping my girls shop for gifts for "Operation Christmas Child", I'm so thankful that I have such sweet and tenderhearted children who are so kind and giving.
5. I'm so thankful for Uncle Dave's understanding; he was happy to tend the fire tonight to allow Joey to have a much-needed family night.
6. I am so thankful for the health of my family!
7. I am so thankful for the babies that have been added to my family this year - Isaiah, Rosalee, Rinna and Elliott (who is not related by blood, but holds this "auntie's" heart in his grasp none the less!).

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